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AWAYWASH – Concrete Washout System

AWAYWASH is the first on-board polyethylene system for ready-mix concrete truck chute washout. This patented design allows to wash the chute in compliance with environmental requirements while avoiding risks of contamination and penalties/fines. The product is light, sturdy and easy to maintain as concrete does not adhere to it.

Protects the environment

  • Avoids chute washout water spillage on the ground
  • Prevents alkaline pollutions and soiling at the delivery point
  • Removes harmful washout water from construction sites
  • Prevents contamination of underground and surface water
  • Allows to catch and re-use the washout water
  • Supports sustainable development policies
  • Facilitates compliance with environmental regulations
  • Fully recyclable, chemical resistant, UV-stabilised PE
  • Separates water from aggregates for easy recycling


  • Reduces water consumption : allows batching plants to re-use the washout water
  • Reduces water treatment/disposal related costs
  • Lighter than metal alternatives, optimises payload


  • Allows to wash the chute anytime and anywhere
  • Time saving : No waiting at washout areas on work sites
  • Easy to install, handle and use

  • Various fitment options (M8 x 15)
  • Bead feature allows easy alignment of conspicuity tape
  • Conspicuity tape supplied as standard
  • Integrated sieve with incorporated handles acts as a water baffle during transit and prevents any water escaping
  • 750 mm flexible hose for easy emptying
  • Can be retro-fitted
  • Industrial quality mouldings, resists knocks and scuffing
  • Popular parts: CCRT-TS-YE, CCRT-S-YE, CCRT-K

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