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Nu-Line Support


Do you sell direct or to the public?
Nu-Line products are sold through Major Class 8 Manufacturer dealers and an extensive aftermarket network. To find a dealer near you, choose “Contact Us” above and choose “Find dealer”…or click here.
Can I purchase a single fender or mud flap bracket?

Yes, all single,half tandem, tandem and poly fenders can be ordered as one piece. Quarter fenders and mud flap brackets are sold only in pairs.

Do you sell poly fenders?

Yes, we have a complete line of poly fenders including colour availability in the single axles.

What kit should I buy for my fenders?

The best selling kit for each fender type is listed on product pages. There are also many other options listed

Can I purchase replacement parts?

Nu-Line offers some replacement parts. To see what component parts are available go to this link.

Do you offer custom length?

Nu-Line does not offer custom work but we do offer a wide array of fender lengths to fit most applications. If you are unable to find what you are looking for contact customer service at: (866)-837-2082.

How do I submit a warranty claim?

Warranty claims must be processed through the authorized dealer you purchased from.

Where are Nu-Line products manufactured?

Nu-Line products are hand crafted in Hamilton, Ontario.